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The BooTunes is the most versatile MP3 Player available, period. No other product can offer you this many features at this price.

NOTE: SD Card NOT Included
Power supply Included

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Fill your SD card with as many MP3s as you want and the BooTunes will start pumping them out. If you want the sounds to play in a certain sequence then just name the files appropriately. No need to copy them to the card in a certain order.

DMX Compatible
Multiple units can be easily chained together using DMX to have them all trigger simultaniously. Works great when combined with a BooBox 8, but can also be used with standard DMX.

Operating Modes
No dip switches to fiddle with, all settings and operating modes are easily changed by just creating folders with special names. No ScareMaster required, all features available with any SD card reader.

Trigger Inputs
Each of the eight optically-isolated inputs can be set to play a sound, loop a sound, sequence through a folder of sounds, cancel a sound, or ramp the volume. If triggered during playback, sounds can be set to interrupt the current sound or to ignore the trigger completely. Trigger pre and post delays are also available to optimize timing.

Firmware Upgradable
As with most of our other products, the BooTunes is completely firmware upgradeable. Stay up to date with the latest features simply by downloading the latest firmware free from our website.

Additional information




Amplifier No
Audio Storage SD Card
Audio Quality MP3
DMX Compatible Yes
Output Capacity No
Output Type No
Outputs No
Inputs 8
Supply Current 50mA
Supply Voltage 9-24 VDC
Video No

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