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PicoBoo AC

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Prop Controller
2 10 Amp Relay Outputs with 2 minutes of sound

These units are slightly used

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2 AC Outputs • 2 Minutes Digital Sound • 2 Minutes Animation
Since the picoBoos debuted in 2006 theyve taken the haunt industry by storm. Their ease of use, reliability, and on-board sound make them the controller of choice for hobbyists and professionals.

The picoBoos use a flash memory sound chip which makes it easy to playback and record up to 2 minutes of sound. Hook up any audio device to the picoBoos audio-in and record the desired sound straight into the chip. No computers, no drivers, no converting sound formats.

Real-Time Programming
All programming of outputs and sounds are done in real-time using the programming section on the picoBoo. Like all other BooBoxes you can create an elaborate scene synchronized with sound by simply pushing some buttons.

Just like their bigger brothers, the picoBoos have a write protection mechanism that helps prevent accidental or unwanted program changes.

AC Outputs
The picoBoo FI-105 has two 10 amp relay outputs brought out to two standard AC outlets. Each of the outputs can be set to either normally-open or normally-closed, ensuring you will be able to program almost anything.

Trigger Input
The picoBoos have one input which can be used with normally-open or normally-closed contacts, making it possible to work with nearly any type of trigger.

Ambient and Scare Modes
While the picoBoos are not scaring, they are by default in ambient mode. Program the sound chip of the picoBoo with what you want the patrons to hear as they approach the scare, a little foreshadowing of the terror to come. Only audio can be programmed in ambient mode
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Amplifier 10 watt Class D
Audio Storage 2 Minutes
Audio Quality 8 bit Digital
DMX Compatible No
Output Capacity 10 Amps Each, 120VAC Max.
Output Type AC Outlets (On/Off)
Outputs 2
Inputs 1
Supply Current 10A Max
Supply Voltage 120 VAC

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