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Quick Overview

- Adjusts motor speed or light intensity
- Create life-like movement of motors or lighting effects
- Now with a Trigger Input
(power supply optional)

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Trigger Input

The new trigger input allows the PicoVolt to be used for more than just looping animation. Connect the input to any standard sensor and the PicoVolt will play your animation back on command. Looping the animation for an ambient prop is still possible.

Our selection of triggers can be seen here.
Motor Parking

The new PicoVolt can read the park switch of many wiper motors to determine its home position. The PicoVolt can then bring your motor back to that position at the end of the animation. It can let it coast to a stop, or stop it instantly using the new brake option. This opens up new applications for the PicoVolt that were previously not possible due to motor drift. Make sure your motor has a park wire if you want to use this option.
LED Lighting Control

The PicoVolt also has an LED lighting mode that allows you to easily program any lighting effect. Loop the effect, or play it on a trigger.
Power Supply

The PicoVolt must be powered by a 12 volt DC power supply. The wattage you need depends on what you're controlling. Pretty much all motors will require the 60 watt power supply. Most LED setups will be fine with the 12 watt supply, however larger ones may need more. Add up the wattage of all your LED lights and make sure the power supply you choose has a wattage at least that high.


The PicoVolt has a write protection mechanism that helps prevent accidental or unwanted program changes.
ny lighting effect you want.
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