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Led Controllers

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  1. DarkBox Flicker

    Gantom DarkBox Flicker 2nd Gen DB12


    The DarkBox Flicker is an easy to use yet powerful special effects pattern generator and dimmer for LEDs. Single button operation allows the user to select different output patterns such as candle flicker, power surge flicker, blink, strobe, and brightness. Clicking the button cycles through the various modes while holding the button chooses the brightness of each mode. Over 15 mode and speed combinations to choose from. Learn More
  2. DarkBox  DMX

    Gantom DarkBox DMX V2 DB22


    The DarkBox DMX Micro is an ultra compact and scalable single output DMX tunable LED dimmer. The DMX Micro also has a variety of built-in patterns (blink, strobe, candle flicker, power surge flicker, and pulse) for special effects lighting without the need to program complex DMX signals. This device occupies 3 DMX channels, which controls brightness, speed, and mode, respectively. Important: The DarkBox DMX Micro comes factory set to DMX address 1. Due to the compactness of the device, an external DarkBox Programmer is required (sold separately) for address selection beyond the default. When the device powers up, a sequence of pulses on the 100s, 10s, and 1s LEDs will indicate the programmed DMX address. For example, an address of 512 will pulse the 100s LED 5 times, 10s LED 1 time, and 1s LED twice. Power and signal are delivered using standard 2.1mm DC jacks and 3.5mm mini-jacks, respectively. Multiple devices can be chained together for unlimited expandability to match the user’s needs. DMX signal via mini-jack: Darklight DMX controlled products use 3.5mm mini-jacks (stereo audio tip-ring-sleeve) due to the compactness of their size. While standard DMX applications call for XLR plugs and cables, we design our devices using mini-jacks to allow for miniaturization. Users have the choice of splicing the signal cable to convert from XLR to mini-jack or to simply use off-the-shelf male to male stereo audio extension cables to carry signal. Experimentally, we’ve tested over 50 of our DMX devices daisy chained together over 300 meters without signal degradation using audio cable. Learn More
  3. DarkBox Replay

    Gantom DarkBox RePlay DB41


    The Gantom RePlay is a full universe DMX recorder and player with a built in 8 channel constant voltage LED dimmer. The Gantom RePlay allows for standalone playback of its own LEDs and any attached DMX slave devices from a recorded DMX sequence stored on its micro-SD card. This controller benefits the user by providing a compact device that can playback timeline based DMX events without the need for large show control devices after the initial recording. Triggered inputs allow the device to play from 2 distinct DMX stream files. Append and overwrite record modes allow the user to easily build sequences one after another or overwrite the existing files. DMX sequences stored on the micro-SD card can be copied and transferred for easy duplication of sequences for multiple devices. The Gantom RePlay is perfect for automated shows, props, animations, or even entire live events! Learn More
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