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  1. Spitting Debbie

    Spitting Debbie


    You've got to "Hand" it to her. This animatronic is one hungry zombie! Learn More
  2. Jack O Lanterns

    Jack O Lanterns


    Life size hand made and beautifully painted Jack O Lanterns . Learn More
  3. Hell Hound

    Hell Hound


    New For 2014 - full size Hell hound - L 3' W 24" H 24" - Hand layed Hair - Resin Teeth - Hand Painted eyes. - Poly foam Body with steel armature. - Learn More
  4. Risen



    This Half casket ground breaker is not for the faint of heart Learn More
  5. Ticket Booth

    Ticket Booth


    This Is one of the most impressive prop we have ever build Learn More
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Set Descending Direction

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