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Pumpkin Talking Skull

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New for 2015
Head turn. The new head turn allows the skull head to tun left and right.
Pumpkin comes with red eyes and amber leds.

Talking Skull 2015
Brand new skull design
Led Eyes Included
You can install a 3mm led right into the eyes.
No more skull cap seams
Interchangeable Eyes for easy color change.
Injection molded parts.
Easy excess to picotalk

Look under additional information to see if you need a servo upgrade.

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Talking Skull 2015

This Skull Incorporates light weigh design with high tech.
New skull design
Injection molded Components
Picotalk Servo controller
3mm led compartment built into the eyes
No more cap seams
Interchangeable eyes

You can add any audio you want
Our talking skull comes complete ready to go
Just add you own audio source
Additional information

Supplied Servo

Motor Type 3 pole
Bearing Type Nylon
Speed (4.8v/6.0V) 0.19/0.15 sec@60deg
Torque 0z/in (4.8v/6.0V) 42.57
Torque Kg/cm (4.8v/6.0V) 3.0/3.7
Size in inches 1.57x0.78x1.43
Sixe in Millimeters 39.88x19.81x36.32
Weight ounces 1.51
Weight grames 42.81



Heavy Duty HS-485-HB this servo has higher torque,

speed and top ball bearing.


Motor Type 3 pole
Bearing Type Top Ball Bearing
Speed (4.8v/6.0V) 0.20/0.17 sec@60deg
Torque 0z/in (4.8v/6.0V) 72/89
Torque Kg/cm (4.8v/6.0V) 5.2/6.4
Size in inches 1.57x0.78x1.49
Sixe in Millimeters 39.88x19.81x37.85
Weight ounces 1.59
Weight grames 45.08


High Performace servo HS-645MG this servo has tones of torque, duel ball bearings and metal gears.



Motor Type 3 pole
Bearing Type Dual Ball Bearing
Speed (4.8v/6.0V) 0.24/0.20 sec@60deg
Torque 0z/in (4.8v/6.0V) 107/133
Torque Kg/cm (4.8v/6.0V) 8/10
Size in inches 1.59x0.77x1.48
Sixe in Millimeters 40.38x19.56x37.59
Weight ounces 1.94
Weight grames 55

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