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ServoDMX Ver1
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A fully configurable 8 output DMX Servo controller with LED outputs.

Product Discription

The ServoDMX can also be purchased as part of our fully assembled and ready to use Talking Skull.
Please email us after you place the skull order and we'll install and calibrate it free of charge.

The ServoDMX allows you to control RC servos, LEDs, and two accessories from a
FlexMax or any standard DMX console or software package.


Pair the ServoDMX with a BooBox FlexMax to add its servo, LED, and digital outputs
to your show. The outputs can then be programmed using the sliders on the
ScareMaster, or the virtual controls in our Director software. The ServoDMX is also
compatible with any standard DMX controller.

LED Eye and Solid-State Outputs

In addition to the RC servo outputs, the ServoDMX                                             
has two dimmable outputs and one on/off output.
The first dimmable output has on-board resistors
for the LEDs and is brought out to two pin
headers, one for each eye. The second dimmable
output can be used for more LEDs, or can be set
to on/off to control a relay or other accessory.

Servo Sleep

If either servo hasn't moved for a certain amount of time the                                                                
ServoDMX will stop sending the position signal. This extends                               
servo lifetime by allowing the servo to relax during times of                                      
inactivity. The amount of time before sleeping a servo is                                                       
adjustable. This feature can also be disabled on a per-servo                                        
basis if your setup requires the servo to be active at all times.                                             

Easy Setup

The DMX starting address and output options are all easily set using our ScareMaster or ServoDMX Setup Utility. Each servo has the following options:

  • Open and closed limits
  • Limit scaling (Scale the DMX value to fit within your set limits)
  • Idle position (Used for startup and when signal is lost)
  •  Trim 
  • Max speed 
  • Max acceleration
  • 90 or 180 degree mode
  • Standard or Inverted rotation
  •  8 or 16 bit resolution
  •  DMX Address (each output's DMX address can be set to any value)





Our ServoDMX ships with the following items:

  • 1 x ServoDMX PCB
  • 1 x 5V 2A Power Supply