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Our Clients



Starting in 2019  We where contracted by Farm Boy To make there swinging Mikey the Monkey's







                                                       Martno Manor Was a complete install with over 20 of our custom build animatronics 







  Fort Fright Is our biggest client. We have been working Fort Henry for 13 years. Building custom                                                                             animatronic and static props.  We also with Fort Henry and there talented crew with concept, set                                                                             design and installation.







 Discovery Harbor  Pumpkin inferno and Terror zone have been working with us for 10 years now .                                                                            Working closely with there amazing crew , we supply concept design animatronic static props set                                                                            design and video projection sets.









                                           Casaloma's  Legends Of Horror. We supply animatronic and static props.











 Screemers In Toronto. We build animatronic and static props, We also do prop rebuilds and repair.