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Cost Effective DMX Control
Ever need to incorporate a DMX device into a scene or scare but couldn’t justify the complexity and cost of a full-featured DMX controller? The PicoDMX allows you to control most DMX fixtures from a simple trigger or PicoBoo controller. A maximum of 32 DMX channels is supported.

Easy Programming
Use our free Director software to create your own DMX scene and upload it to the PicoDMX. Both an Ambient and Input scene can be created.

Feature Packed
The PicoDMX shares a lot of code from our professional BooBox line. Features like scene delays, momentary input, an interval timer and more are included.

Need Audio?
The PicoDMX does not output audio, though it can be used to trigger a BooTunes MP3 player. If audio and DMX output are required consider our BooBox Flex with DMX Output, or our BooBox FlexMax.


  • Comes with a DMX cable to connect DMX device
  • Comes with appropriate power supply
  • Supports up to 32 DMX channels
  • Programming is done using the free Director software

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