Wiper Motor

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wiper motor

Quick Overview

High Torque Prop Motor - with Dual Speed Technology! and parking brake

Product Description

12volt Wiper motor with parking brake

Rated torque: 53 in-lb (6N.m)
Stall torque:177 in-lb (20N.m)
Unload high speed:50rpm,1.5A (@ 12vDC)
Unload low speed:35rpm,1.0A (@12vDC)

12v5amp Low (Green) 35 RPM

12v5amp High (Blue) 50 RPM

5v5amp Low (Green) 15 RPM

5v5amp High (Blue) 20 RPM

Additional Information

12V5AMP Low Green 35 RPM
12V5AMP High Blue 50 RPM
5V5AMP Low Green 15 RPM
5V5AMP Low Green 20 RPM

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