Gantom One GT51/52


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Gantom One

Quick Overview

Compact, powerful, versatile… this is the One. Gantom listened to some of the most skilled lighting professionals in the industry and based on their input designed the One; the pinspot to rule all pinspots. Compared to a traditional 30W pinspot the One runs cooler and safer on far less power, has much cleaner optics, and can even be run on batteries. To top it off the One includes an integrated, easy to use magnetic accessory mounting system. Choose from an almost infinite array of colors and diffusers to achieve any effect you desire, then install the perfect option without tools or hassle. Your old pinspots have had a good run, but now it’s time to replace them with the One.

Product Description


Exceeds output of traditional 30W pinspots while using only 4W
Ultra narrow beam optics for optimal long distance throw
Magnetic accessory attachment for filters and diffusers
Low voltage and minimal heat for improved safety over incandescent sources
Internal constant current driver gives highly efficient and consistent output
2 wire dimming using PWM input (10%-100%)
Easy installation and reconfiguration
Dual polarity input
No UV or IR emitted
Minimal maintenance required with over 50,000 hour lamp life
Indoor and outdoor use


Centerpiece illumination
Event lighting
Portable lighting

Additional Information

Input Voltage 9-15
Current Draw 400mA @12 vdc
Max Wattage 4.8
Led Wattage 4W
Light Beam Angle 2.7 deg
Feild Angle 4.5 deg
Ingress Protection IP65
Led Cree Xlamp XP-E2
Certification UL and CE
Power connector 2.1mm DC Jack W/screw terminal adapter