Ghost Light Budget Flicker


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GL Budget Flicker


Product Description

  • Ghostlight Micros are the smallest lights in our Ghostlight line.

    Using LED technology, the lights stay cool, use very little power and provide the perfect amount of light for your props and scenes.

    Rather than using a giant floodlight, using tiny spotlights gives you much better control over what the customer sees (and doesn't see). The effect is fantastic.

    Perfect for lighting display items, props, and other close-up spot applications.

    Our Ghostlight Micro measures just 12mm in diameter, and 33mm in length.

    Ghostlight Micros are excellent for illuminating single item props.

    Ghostlight Micros come in White, Red, Green, Blue and Amber.

    Hook up to 50 lights together on one 12-volt transformer. Use one of our many splitters and extension cords to save on bulky power supplies.

    Whether you want to add a pop of color to a dark scene, or flood a scene with brilliant light - use a Ghostlight!