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Quick Overview

Create your own lighting effects
2 500 Watt outputs
MP3 Audio

Product Description

Need a Pepper’s Ghost effect? A thunder and lightning controller? A power failure simulator? The PicoFX can do all that and more! The PicoFX can be easily programmed by you to mimic any lighting effect you want.

Unlimited Lighting Effects

The PicoFX can be programmed to produce any lighting effect you need. The effects are automatically synchronized with your audio as you program them. You lighting effect can be set to repeat over and over, or work off a trigger. Six example programs are included on the PicoFX's SD card.

Real-Time Programming

This is the easy part - there’s one red record button and two knobs. Press the record button and your sound starts playing. Then use the knobs to dim or brighten your lights as you listen to the sound. Press record again to save the program, then walk away because you’re done! Seriously, walk away.

Director Compatible

The PicoFX can now be easily programmed using our free Director software. Create even the most complex shows with just your mouse and keyboard. Director will save your show directly to the Pico FX's SD card.

MP3 Audio from SD Card

Good sound quality is fine if you’re playing a scream or a roar while firing off a pneumatic prop, but for a thunder storm you need great quality sound. The PicoFX’s MP3 decoder plays great quality sound in sync with your lighting effects. Use any sound you like by copying it to the SD card and then programming the lights to follow in sync.

Lighting Outputs

The lighting outputs can each handle 500 watts. String together five 100 watt bulbs, or use one 500 watt halogen. A pair of halogen floods and a nice thunderstorm track are the perfect accessories for the PicoFX.

Trigger Input

The PicoFX has a trigger input so you can have your lighting scene play only as patrons pass through. You can also set this trigger to loop so your scene plays continuously.

Downloads and Documentation

Quick Start Manual   Download
Operating Manual   Download

Director Software   Download
SD Card Layout and Firmware   Download

Additional Information

Audio Storage
SD Card
Audio Quality
DMX Compatible
Output Capacity
500 Watts Each, 10 Amps Total
Output Type
AC Outlets (Dimmable/On/Off)
Supply Current
10A Max
Supply Voltage
120 VAC

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