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Quick Overview

Animate BooBoxes in real-time using our free Director software.
(includes all cables)

Product Description

The Director Connect allows you to view your scene in real-time as you create your animation.

Seamless Integration

The Director Connect is designed to work seamlessly with the free Director software. You can click play and immediately see your scene changes come to life in the real world. Without the Director Connect you have to export the show to an SD card and insert it into the controller each time you want to see how the changes look on the actual prop or set.


Complete Isolation

This new model electrically isolates the controller from the computer. This protects your expensive computer from wiring errors at the controller, or ground loops that could have otherwise damaged the computer or its USB port. It also prevents electrical noise and surges from any solenoids, motors, variable frequency drives, or anything else connected to the controller, from getting back to the computer.

Downloads and Documentation

Operating Manual   Download


Director Software   Download
Windows Driver   Download

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