Gantom DMX RGBW Micro Flood GT21/22


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Gantom DMX Flood
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Quick Overview

The Gantom DMX Spot is a 4W color controllable LED spotlight for professional applications. Featuring a non-linear dimming curve, the Gantom DMX Spot can be dimmed with high precision even at the lowest intensity levels.

Homogeneous optics smoothly blend the colors of the internal quad chip LED producing a clean projected field without the “halos” seen in many other color mixing fixtures. High frequency hybrid modulation allows the Gantom DMX Spot to be used in video applications with minimal on-camera flickering.

The Gantom DMX Spot can even be battery powered for portable applications, perfect for event lighting where access to power and signal is inconvenient.

The Gantom DMX Spot is configured using our DMX Programmer iOS app, available free from the Apple App Store.

Product Description


Homogeneous narrow beam optics
Available in dynamic white, RGBW, cool white, and warm white configurations
Also available in wide beam angle configuration (see Gantom DMX Flood)
Non-linear dimming curve for smooth fading without visible “steps” in output intensity
14 bit dimming compressed into single 8 bit channel gives precision control without using extra channels
Flicker free for video applications
DMX address and colors stored in memory via DMX Programmer app
Less than 5W at full output
Integrated DMX receiver
Integrated quad channel constant current driver for consistent output
Indoor and outdoor use


Themed entertainment (dark rides, Halloween attractions, bars, nightclubs, casinos)
Theater and stage accent lighting
Mobile displays
Floral centerpieces
Retail spaces
Architectural accent lighting
General purpose accent lighting
Props and animatronics
Special effects lighting
Temporary event lighting