Output Expander

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Output Expander
This board will allow you to connect Solenoids, LEDs, Lights, or Relays to your 2018 EscapeKeeper.

Indication Options

The Output Expander's outputs can be used to display some of the internal states of the EscapeKeeper. For example, the outputs can display game progress, game timers, input states or clues. Game progress can indicate the position in an input sequence, the number of inputs that are on, or how far they've made it through a Mission Impossible puzzle.

Any two states can be displayed at one time. For example, the number of inputs activated can be displayed on outputs 1 thru 4, while outputs 5 thru 12 are used to indicate how much time is left. Up to two Output Expanders can be linked together if you need more outputs.

Note that the outputs on the Output Expander cannot be controlled in any animation, they are strictly to display the states mentioned above.