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Sprite DMX interface

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Sprite DMX interface
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Trigger up to 200 separate videos and control playback and volume via DMX. Using DMX to interface to the player frees up precious outputs on the controller and allows the Sprite player to be located hundreds of feet away from the main controller.

The player will still loop file 000 when idle. Once a command is received via DMX it will transition seamlessly to the triggered video file without any glitches or black frames. Once the triggered video is finished it will return to the 000 file if present.

The DMX address is easily assigned by tapping it out on the SET button at power-up. During operation the SET button becomes a test button and can be tapped to play file 001. A DMX LED indicates the presence of a good DMX signal. The status LED flashes when a valid DMX command is received.

Compatible with our Flex with DMX Output, any FlexMax, or pretty much any DMX controller.


  • Sprite DMX Interface Board
  • Manual