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Sprite Video Player


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sprite video player

Quick Overview

Trigger or seamlessly loop video effects in full HD.


Product Description

The Sprite is one of few video players that can seamlessly transition from one video to another without dropping the video signal momentarily or inserting black frames. This makes it ideal for video portraits and doors where any glitch in the video could tip the viewers that something is about to happen. It's also a great looping player if you just need a video to play over and over in a seamless loop.

The Sprite has a single trigger input that is compatible with contact closure or high or low level change.

It plays most high definition file types including MPEG, H.264 and WMV from a SD memory card or USB drive.


  • Full HD 1080p video playback
  • Seamless looping and triggering (no black frames)
  • Single trigger input
  • Optional 5V serial Interface


  • 5VDC Power Supply.
  • Remote Control.
  • 3.5mm to terminal block adapter for trigger
  • RCA Audio/Video cable

Does NOT Include

  • HDMI Video Cable
  • SD Card

Supported Video Formats

  • WMV(VC-1,WMV7, WMV8 max bitrate: 40Mbs))
  • VOB(MPG2 max bitrate: 45Mbps)
  • PMP( Xvid, H.264 max bitrate:50Mbps)
  • RM/RMVB( RV8/9 max bitrate:30Mbps)
  • MPG(Mpeg1,Mpeg2 max bitrate:45Mbps)
  • M2TS(Mpeg2 H.264 max bitrate:40Mbps)
  • FLV(H.263,H.264 max bitrate:50Mpbs)
  • AVI(Xvid, H.264 max bitrate:50Mbps)
  • TS/TP(Mpeg2,H.264,VC-1 max bitrate:40Mbps)
  • MP4/M4V(Xvid,H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps)
  • MOV(Xvid, H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps)
  • MKV(Mpeg2,RMVB,WMV9,Xvid,H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps)

Downloads and Documentation

Quick Start Guide   Download
Manual   Download